Pupcakes – Liver with cookie toppers


6 Doggy Delicious Liver Pupcakes with peanut flavoured cookie toppers tinted with turmeric and beetroot. Pawfect!

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What a treat these pupcakes are! Handcrafted and baked to perfection, these Liver Pupcakes can be made with either beef or lamb. We bake every batch fresh to order, using real ingredients – no fake flavours here! We use New Zealand liver and top each Pupcake with delicious peanut butter cookies coloured with natural colourings like turmeric and organic freeze-dried New Zealand beetroot and blueberry.

When cut, our pupcakes look similar to meatloaf as they contain liver, eggs, wholemeal flour and oat flour. Daisy and Ollie adore them!

Packaging and Delivery

We freeze the pupcakes once baked and then vacuum pack, place into a polystyrene shipping box with a frozen chilly brick and deliver to the courier late in the day. The pupcakes are shipped to you overnight.

*Price includes polystyrene shipping box

The polystyrene box adds an additional $7.50  which is included in the price. If you do not require the box i.e. are local to us here in north Taranaki, let us know prior to ordering and we will place your order and alter the price accordingly.

*This product is available in the North Island only. We can ship to the South Island but an additional freight cost would apply, please contact us if you wish to enquire.

Delivery Address

Business addresses usually receive priority from couriers and are delivered to in the morning while residential deliveries are usually done in the afternoon. If you have the option of having your order sent to a business addess we suggest you do this so that your pupcakes can be refrigerated as soon as you receive them.


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