Protective Paw Balm


This amazing new natural paw balm uses calendula oil and Kawakawa balm to protect, heal and moisturise your pet’s paws.

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This natural paw balm comes in block form which is handy for swiping directly over pet paw pads without making a mess. It contains botanical extracts of native Kawakawa as well as Calendula – both revered for their soothing and healing properties. We’ve blended these in a base of coconut, avocado and olive oils along with natural beeswax to intensively moisturise and protect paws from the excesses of summer heat and winter cold. A perfectly natural year round addition to your pet’s pedicure. Suitable for both cats and dogs.

These balms come in 65g blocks so will last a while. We recommend applying 1-2 times a week to help keep your fur baby’s paws in tip top condition.

*HANDY TIP: Try and apply this when they are less likely to try and lick it off, so that the balm has time to work. Maybe before they go to sleep or when you are able to watch over them for a while.

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Weight .065 g

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