Mega Dog Chew (Mighty Bully Stick)


All-natural Mega dog chew, suitable for small to larger dogs. (not recommended for teeny-tiny doggos with tiny mouths) 100% healthy and chemical free, made from NZ cattle. Suitable for raw fed dogs.

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For dogs who LOVE to chew!

Our plaited bully sticks turned into one Mega Chew. Suited to big dogs, medium dogs and smaller dogs who like a challenge!

Nice and natural

They are 100% natural, with absolutely no chemical nasties. Bully sticks (also known as pizzles) are a great alternative to rawhide chews. We buy our New Zealand export grade bully sticks in raw and then dry them ourselves so we know exactly what else goes into them .i.e. nothing! Our bully sticks are sourced from NZ cattle and are a great source of easily digestible protein.

These Mega Dog Chews will also help to clean your dog’s teeth and keep gums healthy. We highly recommend these instead of dental sticks which contain a myriad of chemicals that your beloved fur baby just does not need in their diet.

Pack size

Each pack contains one Mega Chew and weighs a minimum of 50 grams. If we feel the Mega Chew is a little light we will include a single Bully Stick to make up the weight.

Our Mega Chews do not have a strong odour.

Keep refrigerated, shelf life of approx 6 months. We offer discounts for large orders, just send us an email to to discuss.

**We also recommend that your dog is supervised when eating bully sticks to ensure they don’t swallow large pieces. (as with any other dog chew)

Additional information

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