Wild Deer Antlers (contact us for price and availability)


Deer antler chews that are a natural, long lasting chew for your dog.


Sadly these antlers are not free! Each antler is a different size and weight, and we have a large range of antlers of all different sizes to suit different size dogs, ranging from $10 small antlers to $65 extra large antlers. Either send us an email to sales@daisysdoggydeli.co.nz or message us via Facebook and we will send you a photo of available antlers.

These deer antler chews are sourced from the Bay of Plenty, and are packed with calcium, phosphorus, manganese and zinc. They make a hardy, long lasting and safe chew for your dog.

These are wild cast deer antlers, where stags naturally shed their antlers at the end of the season ready to grow new ones. These are not farmed antlers – we do not support factory farming and do not stock any factory farmed products.

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