Chicken & Turmeric Sausages


Made from free range chicken breast with a dash of turmeric added, and simply dried to make the perfect treat.

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These Chicken & Turmeric Sausages are *very* popular at Deli HQ! We use human grade free range chicken breast from which we have removed all visible fat, and we also add a dash of turmeric. Turmeric has long been used for its many health benefits including helping to ease arthritis and improve mobility. Many humans take turmeric in their daily diet too!

These treats are air-dried and can be easily broken or cut into smaller pieces which makes them ideal for training. You can also just feed as they are. They are a little bit chewy so would suit dogs of all ages, including puppies and senior dogs. These sausages are approximately 8-10cm long and suit dogs of all sizes.

Each pack contains 8-10 sausages depending on size. If you would like larger quantities please email us on and we can get those made. All of our products are preservative free.

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