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Ollie's Cookies (assorted pack)

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Assorted cookies for your dog
Peanut Butter Mini Bites
Bacon Bears
Parmesan Cheesy Chicks
Carrot and Cheese Cloud dog cookies
Carroat Bunnies dog cookies
Daisy's Cookies

When we bake and bag there are typically a few cookies from each batch that don't fill a bag. These are referred to as Ollie's lollies. Normally we would also sell mixed bags at the markets but we aren't attending any at the moment and Ollie can't eat them all! (as much as he would like to)

So, when we have them in stock we will list on the website. This is an ideal way for your pup to try our flavours and have a little variety in their day.

Contents: Bags may be made up of 2 to 4 flavours and may include Peanut Mini Bites, Bacon Bears, Parmesan Cheesy Chicks, Carroat Bunnies, Cheese and Carrot Clouds, Daisy's Cookies. Not all flavours will be included in each bag.

Best before: bags will have a minimum of 7 days left on their best before sticker from the day we ship your order. (normally our cookies are baked to order)

Pack size: 140 grams +

Out of Stock

*Freight will be added to your order at checkout.