Rawhide chews are one of the worst things you could give your dog. You may have noticed recently that more and more people are talking about rawhide and how it’s made. You also may have seen the eye opening video where the cute fluffy cat wants to get rid of the family dog (link at the bottom of this blog post). So what is rawhide?

Rawhide is a by-product of the leather industry. It’s not even a by-product of the meat industry. It’s about as far removed from a healthy dog treat as you can get. So why are they so popular? Why are they sold in every pet store and supermarket and given to dogs who then chew on them for hours on end? Honestly I have no idea. I’m sure Daisy would eat one given half the chance, but then Daisy eats absolutely anything. She’s certainly not going to be eating any rawhide chew in her lifetime that’s for sure.

How is it made? Well the hide of the cow is split; part of it goes to the leather industry and part of it goes to be made into rawhide. This is where the myriad of chemicals are added to make that grim looking piece of cattle hide enticing to consumers. The hide is washed and whitened using hydrogen peroxide. This brightens it up and gets rid of any hairs and fat. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and disinfectant and your cleaning products under the kitchen sink probably contain it.

Keep reading, it gets worse. Now this bleached leather by-product needs to look nice in order to sell to consumers. Artificial flavours and colours are added at this point, along with some preservatives to make the rawhide last forever. Did you notice the nice looking bone-shaped rawhide on the shelf? Those shapes are glued into place. With actual, real glue. So your end product is cattle hide, doused in chemicals, glued into shape and then and coated with a synthetic meaty scent to make your dog want to eat it. These chews tick every box of wrong.

The good news is that the no-rawhide market is growing. Doggy Deli stocks two no-rawhide chews (beef tendons and bully sticks) and these have steadily been growing in popularity. Dogs love to chew. Puppies love to chew. Daisy loves to chew. So why not give them a clean, healthy chew instead of a chemical-ridden piece of old leather. Let’s ALL say no to rawhide!

Check out the rawhide video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc265q0ZRss