Our Story

Daisy’s story

Daisy was whelped in August 2010 and had one other litter mate, Maisie.

Daisy was born with one blue eye, our blue eyed little girl. At eight weeks old she came to live with us and our first Bernese Mountain dog, her big brother Merlin. Within a couple of days, we realised there was something wrong with her eyes and upon taking her to our local vet we discovered her lower eyelids were turning in and her lashes were rubbing against her poor little eyeballs. A condition called entropy which is extremely painful and if left untreated can cause ulcers and blindness. We had no option but to subject her to an operation where the lower eyelids were cut and then stitched, pulling the lids down and the lashes into the correct position.

A few months after she had recovered from this we realised that one of her front legs was becoming deformed as she grew. This necessitated an operation down at Massey University where the leg bones were cut, a wedge of bone removed and the foot reattached and plated together. The alternative to this was amputation of the leg. Once her growth plates had fused and she had stopped growing, this procedure was carried out and weeks of cage confinement and leash walks only followed.

Through all of this Daisy retained her cheeky, happy demeanor. Our little star put up with everything and bounced back brighter than ever.

Her next big hurdle (and ours) was the sudden loss of big brother Merlin from osteosarcoma. We were all heartbroken and Daisy grieved terribly for him over the next weeks but she gradually became accustomed to being an “only dog” and again bounced back.

She has filled our home with joy ever since and in 2017 was joined by her little brother Ollie (who she adores and is sometimes annoyed by).

Sadly, Daisy left us on 1st July 2019, we miss her but Ollie has adjusted well to being the dog of the house. 

Inspired by Daisy 

Our dogs are important members of our family and live with us in our home. We want them to have healthy, tasty treats when we train or reward. With the prevalence of imported food and treats in New Zealand it is not always easy to know what is good. 

That is why we started making our own treats and when the opportunity to purchase Daisy’s Doggy Deli came about it just felt right.

These are the treats that our dogs eat!

Free Range wholesome Treats made free from preservatives and nasty additives

Daisy’s Doggy Deli only uses free range meats, and we do not support factory farming. Our baked cookies are made with ingredients from the pantry and garden, not the science lab.

Daisy’s Doggy Deli is listed as a further petfood processor with the Ministry for Primary Industries under the Animal Products Notice (section 9.7). This means we work within the legislative framework of the Animal Products Act 1999, to ensure we only buy meat from regulated sources and operate good practices covering hygiene and sanitation, product traceability and correct documentation and record keeping.

100% New Zealand

Daisy’s Doggy Deli is a family run company based high on a hill in rural Taranaki. Like most Kiwis, we’re passionate about dogs. We love making top quality dog treats. We only use 100% New Zealand meat, and make everything at home so we know exactly what goes into it.

Meet the Family at Daisy’s Doggy Deli

The Hoomans…Useful for shopping, baking, packaging, transport and entertainment

Daisy… Vice-President in charge of product tasting and development. Although Bernese Mountain Dogs are supposed to be a dry mouth breed, we can judge the desirability of a treat directly by the quantity of drool Daisy produces. Maximum drool on the Droolometer (where gumboots are desirable) down to slight slobber. We strive to achieve Maximum levels.

Ollie…  Vice-Vice-President. Apprentice to the Vice-President and able assistant. Ollie has yet to reach maximum drool potential but he is studying hard. He has perfected his secondary role of Daisy clean-up assistant and is sure to hoover any crumbs that Daisy may have dropped.

Follow Daisy, Ollie and their treat making hoomans



The Hoomans…

Necessary for admin, shopping, baking, packaging and freight. 


President of Product Testing. We do not make any treats that we wouldn’t give to Daisy. Although Bernese Mountain Dogs are supposedly a dry mouth breed, we can judge the desirability of any treat directly by the amount of drool Daisy produces. The Droolometer ranges from Maximum drool where gumboots may be required through to a slight slobber. 


Vice-President Product Testing. While Ollie has less experience than his older sister he has already developed some good skills with regard to enthusiasm. He is yet to develop his full drool potential.